Saber Hosting’s vision for the future, is as close to zero-emission as possible, to prevent over-expensive use of “dirty” fuel sources, like fossil, gas or oil, and/or potentially destructive sources like nuclear power. We aim to be as nature friendly, zero emission as possible.

What is Saber Hosting doing to further this vision?
Saber Hosting is still in the early stage of the startup phase, but these are the things we will be doing to achieve our visions.

Saber Hosting is planning to use a location near the ocean or other natural water source, where it is possible to have electricity generation from renewable sources, this could also include a solar roof.

Saber Hosting is planning to use a ready-to-start system using standardized shipping containers, when the container arrives on the location, all that is needed to install it, is to plug it into network, power and water. No expansive modifications of the building or location necessary.

Saber Hosting is planning to use an infrastructure which helps reduce the temperature on the server components, the electricity consumed and the building costs.