Saber Hosting
Reconnect with the nature!


Source: United Nation’s sustainable development goals

Saber Hosting is a modern and futuristic thinking concept that will take the nature and the current situation in the world into mind in every step of the process. From how we cool down our servers, internet connectivity, how the servers are powered to location of the servers etcetera. We believe that as the world changes, so does the industry, and we have to change with it.

We are envisioning a world that is sustainable, where everyone got food on the table, possibility to take education and where people are hired for their passion and skill, and not based on the colour of their skin, their sexuality, their accent or other labels.

We will be utilising state of the art equipment in own custom and modular data centres designed to save the nature and reduce our carbon footprint, maybe even producing some electricity in return to offer to the grid.